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Our law firm protects your rights and handles your case. .  Going through a divorce of your marriage is a difficult experience.  It can draw up your emotions and drain your energy.  It can have a major impact on your financial, physical and psychological health.  Working with a competent divorce attorney in Anniston, AL can alleviate much of the pressure while helping keep things in perspective.


Our experienced family law practice areas include, but are not limited to child custody, child support, divorce & marriage dissolution, domestic violence & abuse, father’s rights,  paternity,  prenuptial agreements,  spousal support (alimony), annulments, child relocation and more.

Family law can be broken into any of the above categories.  Once we understand your current situation, we work to ensure your rights and interest are protected. 

Who should you hire to do your contested divorce IN CALHOUN COUNTY, AL?

First, look for attorney's qualifications.  The National Trial Lawyers Associations selected Dani Bone as a Top 100 Lawyer in the Country for 2018.   The National Trial Lawyers Associations selected Sam Bone as a Top 40 Lawyer Under 40 for 2015.  
Next, look at our reviews online for our services and compare them to other attorneys in the area to decide whether we should be your lawyer. 


Family Law (also called the matrimonial law), or the law of domestic relations, is a diverse area of the law that deals with family relations including:

  • Marriage

  • The termination of legally recognized family relationships and ancillary matters, including property settlement, alimony, child custody and time sharing, and child support

  • Step-parent Adoption

  • Paternity, including establishing and disestablishing paternity, and paternity testing

Are you dealing with a legal issue related to your family?  Are you considering ending your marriage?  Do you have questions about your rights and obligations?  Every family law case is unique. Maybe you and your spouse cannot agree on any of the terms of your separation, or maybe you are agreeable but, don’t know what needs to be included in your separation agreement.  In either case, you need a lawyer who is attentive to your personal circumstances and goals.

Dani and Sam's experience includes high-asset divorces with complex financial issues, which has earned her a reputation in both Gadsden and throughout the State of Alabama. She is also experienced and knowledgeable in Alabama Divorce Law. Call 256-547-1005 or contact us by email for an appointment.



Family law consists of a body of statutes and appellate case decisions that govern the legal responsibilities of individuals who share a domestic connection. While there is no absolute requirement that anyone have a lawyer in family law cases, how will you pursue your goals if you don’t know the rules? How will you know what is important to include in a Settlement Agreement or Parenting Plan. Even with a lot of study, the emotionally-charged nature of family law requires that you have a guide in the form of legal counsel to look at the situation in a more objective manner.

What is a deposition?

It is commonplace for depositions to be taken where the parties are required to questioned in person and under oath by opposing counsel. These depositions can last anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day or more. Your answers at the deposition are transcribed by a court reporter, and can be used against you later at the divorce trial. You don’t want to try to handle this discovery process on your own without competent divorce counsel who has been there before.

ANNISTON child custody attorneys representing clients in Anniston, Al at the Calhoun County Courthouse

We understand the deeply personal and emotional nature of family law issues. If you retain our firm to represent you, your problems become our problems. We will provide personal care and attention to every aspect of your case until it is resolved. We strive to extend personalized attention and legal guidance to each client so that we can resolve client disputes. With many years of experience, Dani and Sam stand ready to act as trusted and qualified advocate during the often emotionally charged process of divorce.


Contested divorces are often highly contentious and should only be undertaken with the assistance of a competent divorce attorney. If you are going through a contested divorce in Alabama or the Anniston / Oxford area, contact the divorce litigators Dani V. Bone & Sam D. Bone at to discuss your case at (256) 547-1005