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Affordable Uncontested divorces using our “Divorce Done” Sytem.

At Dani V. Bone & Sam D. Bone, Attorneys at Law, we simplify the process of filing for divorce in Gadsden, Alabama with our “Divorce Done System” and make the divorce process simple for anyone to complete.  Our system has been featured on the Gadsden Chamber of Commerce website. Professional divorce documents and a helpful support staff make all the difference when you are doing your own divorce.  The courts in Etowah County require the documents to be prepared specifically for your court.  That's why we take the time to make sure your Gadsden and Etowah County divorce forms and papers are prepared right, and with the specific requirements of the local judges here in Etowah County.

DIY Services such as public library

Just the forms. No attorneys.

  • Zero attorney review.

  • Technical support does not help with legal issues.

  • Many services guarantee "court approval" but fail to explain that "court approval" does NOT mean legally valid. Legally, "court approval" means NOTHING.

  • Forms are complicated.

Traditional Divorce Firms

Not Built for You.

  • Not-focused on delivering a specific agreed divorce service.

  • Hourly fees are unpredictable.

  • Slow to adopt useful technology.

  • Poor communication from firm to firm.


Laser-focused on going from A-to-Divorced as efficiently as possible.

  • Attorney help so you know you are protected.

  • Predictable flat fees and payment plans.

  • Superior communication.

  • Perfect balance of modern technology and solid legal advice.

Agreed upon divorce with no kids and no real property:

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Agreed upon divorce with no kids and real property:

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Agreed upon divorce with kids:

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Don't use the Gadsden Public Library Divorce Forms.

You could go to the Gadsden Public Library and pay $2.00 for divorce forms that allow you to fill out the forms yourself. 

People consider DIY divorce to save money, but it can actually cost you more if you make a mistake. Do you want to risk messing up your child’s financial well-being, or your taxes, for the next decade? If your divorce isn’t extremely straightforward, a divorce lawyer will be an invaluable help. You cannot possibly know every consequence of every action taken in a divorce, but this is what we are trained to think about.

The truth is, there are a lot of forms to fill out, and they’re confusing. This isn’t something simple like buying a car. If you make an error or miscalculate something, it could have unintended financial consequences, whether it’s paying too much to your ex for spousal or child support or not getting your fair share of property. It could even have more serious consequences, like giving you less quality time with your children than you otherwise would have gotten. Whatever your final agreements are, you’ll be legally bound to carry them out — even if you find down the road that they aren’t fair. Have you considered absolutely everything, including who will pay for your two-year-old’s college, and how retirement funds factor in?

Mistakes mean you’ll have to go back to court and invest more time and money in this process. A divorce lawyer will ensure you get it right the first time.


Divorce doesn't have to be expensive.

With our quest to revolutionize the divorce filing process, we understood that we needed to make the process of filing a divorce in Gadsden simple and affordable. 

  1. Once you contact us online, our staff will call you and ask you a few questions and then quickly send you an email with a form for you to fill out.

  2. After your case is approved, we will send you a confidential online questionnaire to complete that will help us to collect all the information we need to complete your divorce from start to finish.

  3. Once we have all your necessary information, we will assemble the entire divorce package.

  4. You will then have the opportunity to review your form with Dani or Sam to make sure your divorce is done RIGHT.

  5. After assembling your documents, we will email you or have you come in for the initial petition for dissolution of marriage for your signature. We then file your case via Etowah County's e-filing system and you are assigned a case number and judge.

  6. Next, we will send you the marital settlement agreement for your review, which is the document that you and your spouse will sign and outlines exactly what will happen with each and every asset/debt that you have (regardless if the asset/debt is just in your name, their name, or both of your names), your custody arrangements (if children are involved), and any other terms that you wish to add. Once you review the marital settlement agreement, you will have the opportunity to speak with a lawyer who will answer any questions you may have, and will make any requested changes. Finally, you will sign the marital settlement agreement and return a copy to our office using the self-addressed stamped envelope we provide for your convenience.

  7. Once you have reviewed, approved, and signed the marital settlement agreement, we will send it to your spouse for their signature. We also will send several other documents for their signature that are required to complete the process. We make it super easy for your spouse to cooperate by making it clear in our cover letter that we have been hired to complete an agreed divorce, by making it very obvious where your spouse needs to sign/initial, by providing a self-addressed stamped envelope so that your spouse can effortlessly return the documents, and by letting your spouse know that their cost is nothing (unless you request otherwise).

  8. After we have all the required signatures, our office will schedule the final (and only) court date which must be 30 days after the complaint for divorce is filed. We then send your spouse the proper notification as required by state law and local court rules. Your spouse's attendance at the final court date is optional.

  9. On the day your divorce is finalized, you will arrive at the courthouse and meet your attorney in person. Although not required, you are welcome to meet your attorney for an in-office consultation at the beginning of our representation. The majority of our clients, however, enjoy the convenience of completing the process entirely by phone and online. Once at the courthouse, your attorney will explain the final steps, who each person in the courtroom is and their job, and will prepare you to testify before the judge. Once you have testified and the judge has signed your judgment, you are divorced!

  • Simple and affordable divorce forms

  • Payment plans available

  • 100% court approval guarantee

  • Easy to understand instructions

  • Includes marital settlement agreement

  • Includes name change documents

get it done right the first time

Making sure that you use court approved Gadsden, Alabama Divorce Forms is very important in obtaining a divorce without problems.  A common problem that people have is that they use outdated, poorly constructed or incomplete forms for their divorce that they find online.  Using generic divorce forms, or any divorce forms that are not approved by for use in the Circuit Court in Etowah County, Alabama is one of the most common reason why people are not able to complete their divorce on their own.