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Etowah County & Gadsden Child Support Attorneys

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Any loving parent, having made the decision to divorce, will want only the best for his or her child — including financial arrangements for the necessities of life, plus health care and educational considerations.

If your contested or high net worth divorce discussions include a dispute over child support, you can trust our experienced Gadsden family law attorneys with your wishes and goals. 

Has a sudden change of circumstance emphasized the need for a post-judgment modification of your child support obligations? Are you paying too much child support or spousal support? Receiving too little? Our attorneys Dani Bone & Sam Bone are here for you.

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Along with custody and visitation, child support can be one of the more emotional and legally complex components of any  divorce negotiation. Guidelines that Alabama courts consider during the crafting of child support agreements include:

  • Number of children in the family
  • Monthly income of the parents
  • Day care expenses
  • Family health insurance costs
  • Time spent with the children (custody and visitation)

You will have our solid support from start to finish of the legal process. We answer your questions, honestly assess your goals and are always available to address any sudden concerns. You deserve the peace of mind of knowing that your interests are thoroughly safeguarded during every phase of your Alabama divorce.

For exceptional service and professionalism that puts your needs first, come to Dani Bone & Sam Bone in Gadsden, AL. We can help with the legal ramifications of any problem that arises in your life.



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