Who should you hire for your real estate needs?

First, look for attorney's qualifications.  The National Trial Lawyers Associations selected Dani Bone as a Top 100 Lawyer in the Country for 2018.   The National Trial Lawyers Associations selected Sam Bone as a Top 40 Lawyer Under 40 for 2015.  
Next, look at our reviews online for our services and compare them to other attorneys in the area to decide whether we should be your lawyer. 


Our firm can transfer deeds from divorcing spouses or transfer deeds after the sale of a home.  We can do warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, etc. If you need to sell your property and draw up the paperwork, give us a call. 

Landlord Tenant Leases

We can draw up lease paperwork for the lease of a home or apartment.  You want to make sure that the Landlord Tenant Lease you draw up is legitimate and will stand up in court.  Don't rely on the lease you printed out on the internet.


Contracts for Purchase / Sale of Home

Want to sell your home privately? We can create and customize your Real Estate Purchase Agreement quickly and easily in our office. Our real estate contracts covers buyer and seller details, pricing and financing, property details, and more. Again, don't rely on what you googled and expect it to work. 

Rent to own contract for homes / Owner financing

Are you wanting to buy or sell a house or property but the buyer doesn't quite have the credit to get their own financing? Call us and we can draw up the necessary paperwork for you to buy/sell a home with owner financing.

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Property Disputes

Are you fighting with your neighbor over property lines? Is your neighbor telling you that you can't use your driveway anymore? Call us for a free consultation. 

Heirs and Tenants In Common Sale For Division

If you are involved with a probate case and need to sell a home and split it between the heirs, give us a call and we can guide you through the probate court. 


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We at Dani V. Bone & Sam D. Bone, Attorneys at Law know that finding the right attorney to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.



This information about real estate in Gadsden is intended as a general guide to inform you about the law and there is no substitute for getting legal advice in person by an experienced lawyer who works with these laws on a daily basis and can apply the current law to the facts of your case. Contact Dani Bone & Sam Bone to discuss the specific facts of your case. Email us at SAMUELDANIBONE@GMAIL.COM or call 256-547-1005 now.